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Tucker & Timberlake Bill To Help Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Keep their Homes Advanced by Assembly Panel

- Timberlake Sworn-In to Serve Legislative District 34

- New Essex Freeholder Targeting Economic Economic Disparity Nabs Board Presidency

Freeholders Encourage First Time Homebuyers to Apply for $50,000.00 Down Payment Assistance 

Timberlake Honors East Orange Campus High School Girl's Basketball Team

Freeholders Call for the Removal of the Confederate Battle Flag

Freeholders Honor the East Orange Campus Boys Indoor Track Team for Winning the 2015 State 

Freeholders Celebration of African-American History Month 

Freeholders Celebrate Youth Program 

Freeholders Recognize “Superwomen” During their Women's History Month Celebration 

Freeholders Honor Belleville's “Mr. & Miss Belleville” for 2014 & 2015

Freeholders Honor the Montclair H. S. Crew Team

Timberlake Selected to Participate in EmergeNJ 

Timberlake Tapped to Run for Freeholder

Multiple Changes in Essex County Politics 

 Videos: Learn About Britnee's Work Within Politics and Legislation:

- Watch Britnee Timberlake be sworn into the 34th District Assembly 

Watch Britnee Timberlake on Meet the Leaders 
Video interview on The Giblin Report by Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin 

 Videos: Learn about Britnee's Community Work Outside of Politics:

Montclair Means Business: Essex Community Land Trust an affordable housing program led by Britnee Timberlake 
Professional Life Advice: College Bound Cookies a pilot social enterprise fundraising product created by Britnee Timberlake to help children save money for college